Why is my property listed?

Under State statute, properties must be either considered blight or slum. Ocean Springs does not have very many properties that are considered blight or slum but like many coastal cities it does have properties that have blight influences, are underdeveloped, or the property is not at their best use and beneficial to the community.

Blight, among other things, can mean being underdeveloped, underperforming, dangerous, deteriorated, or underserved. A physical space or structure that is no longer in acceptable or beneficial condition to its community.

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1. What is the city’s urban renewal project?
2. Ways to achieve goals under the Urban Renewal Plan?
3. How does the city determine the Urban Renewal Area?
4. Why is my property listed?
5. Is the city going to take my property?
6. Who will achieve the goals stated in the Urban Renewal Plan?
7. Why didn’t the city give written notification to me that my house was listed in this Urban Renewal Plan
8. Will Mayor Kenny Holloway financially gain from the urban renewal plan?
9. Does the plan include spaces for mixed income/affordable housing?
10. What specific criteria was used to determine which properties would be included in the Urban Renewal Plan?
11. Will Alderman Blackman either recuse himself or have his firm sign a pledge not to work on any urban renewal projects?
12. Will all Aldermen and/or Mayor who own (individually or as part of a corporation) property within the areas recuse themselves from voting of this plan?
13. Who wrote the Urban Renewal plan? It would appear the city’s comprehensive plan is separate.
14. What is the plan for the Ryan Youth Center?
15. Could more properties within map areas be identified as needed for Urban Renewal development at later date?
16. What is going to happen to the Juke Joint property? Will the trees be protected?
17. What about overall requirements in the Urban Renewal Plan for green spaces, protection of our beautiful trees, requirements of new businesses to provide landscaping in front of businesses?
18. Are environmental concerns being addressed and monitored by this plan?
19. Why aren’t we considered a historic black neighborhood and protected from acquisition and demolition from the city?
20. Why is the Carter-Calloway House that is listed on the National Historic Register, on the city’s list for acquisition?
21. What is the city going to do to help the current owners improve their property?
22. What 5 families have been targeted to be displaced? Why does the city think it’s okay to displace one person from their property?