Water Department

The Water Department reads approximately 7,800 meters per month. They also oversee all bills for water, sewer, and garbage pickup. To Pay Your Bill Online, Sign up for the Automatic Draft (PDF), or see our Water Quality Reports.

For paperless billing options please send the address and account number by Emailing Water Department.

Cutoff: any payments made after 5 pm the day before the cutoff will be subject to a $40 service fee and will still be cut off. The balance on the day of the cutoff has to be paid in full to be reconnected.

A 15% late fee will be applied on the 16th. If the 16th is a weekend or city holiday, late fees will be applied on the immediate business day. If the 15th due date falls on a weekend or city holiday, there is a drop box located at city hall and in the library parking lot to make payment. The drop box is checked at 7 am, your payment must be in the box before then. You may also make payment at any time Visiting Pay Your Bills Online.

As of October 1, 2023

  • Residential Water Base Rate is $13.72
  • Commercial Water Base Rate is $27.63

Late Fee Schedule For 2023

  • January - 16th
  • February - 16th
  • March - 16th
  • April - 16th
  • May - 16th
  • June - 16th
  • July - 16th
  • August - 16th
  • September - 16th
  • October - 16th
  • November - 16th
  • December - 16th

Cutoff Schedule For 2023

  • January - 24th
  • February - 23rd
  • March - 23rd
  • April - 25th
  • May - 23rd
  • June - 22nd
  • July - 25th
  • August - 24th
  • September - 26th
  • October - 24th
  • November - 21st
  • December - 27th