Utility Rate Update

This page provides detailed information about the recent transition to new utility contracts and the corresponding adjustments in our rates following the expiration of our previous contracts on January 30, 2024.

End of Previous Contracts and Transition

In January 2023, our existing contract for garbage and recycling services concluded. This marked the end of a service period under specific rates and conditions that had been in place for 4 years. With the contract expiring, it became crucial for the City of Ocean Springs to seek a new agreement to continue providing these essential services to our residents and light commercial properties.

Transition to New Contracts

In the Fall of 2023, following the expiration of these contracts, the Board of Aldermen undertook the necessary steps to secure a new service agreement. A comprehensive process was initiated to find suitable service providers that could meet our community’s growing and evolving needs in waste management.

Throughout this process, the City of Ocean Springs has maintained a commitment to transparency. We conducted a rigorous, competitive RFP process to select the most advantageous providers for our community. Waste Pro was chosen as the lowest and best bid, and for reliable, efficient service. 

Reasons Behind Rate Adjustments

As a result of this transition, an adjustment in utility rates became essential. This change addresses a significant increase in contractual services and operating costs. These costs are attributed to factors such as inflation, the rising costs of labor and services, and the need to invest in modern machinery to enhance the efficiency of our solid waste and recycling services.

New Rate Structure

  • Monthly Rate: Starting February 2024 (billed in January 2024), the new monthly garbage rate for residential and light commercial customers is now $31.50 per customer.
  • Annual Increase: Additionally, a 3.00% annual rate increase is set each year, effective Oct. 1, 2024, for the next six years through January 30, 2030. 

Services Under New Contracts

These include:

  • Once-a-week garbage collection
  • Once-a-week recycling pickup
  • Weekly debris pickup (provided by the City of Ocean Springs Public Works)